18th September 2015: Keep Calm and Carry On

Keep Calm and Carry On - that’s the message from Alastair Cameron, Director of Scotland In Union, as we approach the first anniversary of Scotland’s decision to remain within the UK.

Mr Cameron speaks out against street demonstrations or public disruption, saying: ‘Even if there is provocation and posturing by separatists, Scotland In Union is calling on its supporters to avoid counter-demonstrations and to carry on regardless.’

Instead Mr Cameron recommends we all simply get on with our lives, at home or in the workplace.  ‘The people in Scotland voted by a substantial majority to remain part of the UK — a resounding “yes” to unity rather than separation.  The time for constitutional wrangling has passed.  We understand that people may wish to mark the occasion, but we are calling on people to do so quietly and sensibly.’

Mr Cameron is concerned that some SNP members and representatives appear to want to turn the clock back and demand a further referendum, perpetuating division within Scotland.  Scotland In Union prefers to look forwards.  It intends to hold the SNP accountable to deliver more effectively on the wide-ranging powers it already has, and that are soon to increase.  

Mr Cameron believes passionately that Scotland and its government must now look to the future.  ‘Serious issues of underperformance face us as a country — education, health, and the emergency services.  I urge our politicians to focus attention on the crucially important problems that really matter to Scots, be they at home or further afield in Europe and the Middle East.

Separation has dominated the agenda for way too long.  It’s vital for all of us that we get on with our lives and put division behind us.’


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