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donate £20 to target 20 SNP seats

Scotland in Union is campaigning to ensure that the people of Scotland's priorities are heard, not the SNP's.


The SNP is ignoring the majority of Scotland and continuing to promote their unwanted and divisive 'de facto referendum'. They say they want to treat the next election as a referendum, when in reality people in Scotland want to vote on many more pressing issues like the cost-of-living crisis.


With your help, Scotland in Union can campaign in the areas where we can make the most difference. We want to support politicians who aren't obsessed with division.


If you can donate just £20, or whatever you can afford, you can help us campaign throughout 2023 and identify and target 20 key seats at the next General Election where the SNP can be defeated.


Together, we can beat Nicola Sturgeon's candidates and reject the SNP's plan to hold a 'de facto referendum'.

Please support us if you can. Every donation makes a difference.

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