A letter to a newly elected MP

Recently we suggested that people write to their MPs on behalf of Scots who feel their constitutional views are unrepresented. One of our supporters has sent us a copy of their letter to the MP for their previous constituency. We think it's worth sharing.

Dear xxxxxx,

Allow me to offer my congratulations on your recent election.

I should also begin by saying that you are entirely free to ignore any concerns I outline to you in this letter, because I am really an ex-constituent that moved to Scotland some years ago.

However, some years ago Scotland was a more welcoming place. Today, unfortunately, it is dominated by a party that tell me my adopted home should be mine no longer, that my taxes ought not pay my parents’ pensions, and that our shared United Kingdom should be dissolved.

You may be familiar with the banal and relentless script. Any evidence of shared identity with the rest of the UK is attacked and removed from public view, whether that be the British Transport Police on our railways, the gov.uk on Government websites, and of course the Union Flag. And, as with all petty nationalisms, cultural heritage is weaponised while a tale is told of joyous optimism and inclusivity.

Please be aware that, unless you are part of this bandwagon, the truth is anything but. Here is an excellent article, translated from German, which is no word of exaggeration. Superficial charm hides online vitriol and the hate-filled ‘protests’ that must be seen to be believed.


The Germans, of course, know better than anyone what can happen when Party and State become blurred, when police forces are brought under central control, and when newspapers are printed specifically to parrot the party line. In this vein, you will hear the SNP confuse themselves with ‘Scotland’ on a daily basis. I would ask that you understand what they are doing, where this can lead, and remind the House that - despite their overwhelming bloc - more Scots voted against the SNP than for them.

I would not want you to think that I am being alarmist, and please know that I am fully aware of how facile my comparison sounds. To that end I must reiterate that we are still nowhere near that path’s conclusion, but I would also say that I used not to comprehend how a country could go from civilisation to tyranny within a decade. Today, I understand.

Therefore I must ask you: please do all you can to stop the SNP, howsoever you may. They will clamour for more power, they will be outraged by everything, and they will be ashamed of nothing. Do all you can to protect our country, but be hopeful too. There is no sign that nationalism continues to rise in Scotland, and - if you believe polls anymore - it may even have dropped back a point or two from its high point in the months immediately after the referendum. Quebec and Northern Ireland have shown that the tide can be turned, even if it takes decades, and the fact remains that the SNP’s chosen constitutional settlement - independence - is now the only one ever explicitly ruled out by the Scottish people.

For all their bluster and bullying, there is no coming back from that - provided that we hold our nerve and work to put our country back together again.

Thank you for all that you do.

With kind regards,


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