Archie MacPherson urges people to support Scotland in Union

Archie MacPherson joins some of our supporters in urging people to join Scotland in Union.

Alastair Cameron, the founder of Scotland In Union, said: "We are delighted to have support from such a respected and well-known figure as Archie Macpherson. Archie joins some of our thousands of existing Scotland In Union supporters in making a positive case for Scotland in the UK, and encouraging others to join our non-party campaign. Scotland In Union will be active throughout 2017 and beyond, as a voice for the moderate majority who want to move on together, away from the divisive politics of nationalism."

Scotland in Union will continue activities across the country in 2017, and we would like you join us out there. We will be campaigning against another dangerous and divisive independence referendum, and promoting our positive case of Scotland remaining in the UK.

To register with us please follow the link provided:



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