Glasgow Launch of Scotland in Union's Summer & Autumn Tour of Scotland


On Saturday 25th of June, in Glasgow (Buchanan Street), Scotland in Union supporters kicked off our Summer/Autumn tour of Scotland. Just over 50 people turned up to ensure that our #NoMoreReferendums message was clearly visible in Scotland’s largest city. 

Our Campaigns Manager Andrew Skinner will be visiting all of Scotland’s 32 council areas during the tour, promoting a positive message of Scotland in the UK. If you would like to help out when Scotland in Union is in your area, then please register your support here. 

If you aren’t able to be active, then perhaps you are in a position to donate towards campaign materials and the day to day running of Scotland in Union? If so, then please use this link to donate. You can donate as little as £5 per month, or more if you want.  

Here are some messages from SIU supporters that attended our Glasgow launch:


"In 2014 the Scottish people voted resoundingly to remain an integral part of the UK, 55 is greater than 45. It seems that despite a 2 year gap, like the schools over which the First Minister's administration preside, her understanding of basic arithmetic has failed to improve. Nor has her respect for democracy. Please, no more referendums."

Stuart, from Edinburgh


"Question to Nicola, when did 20 months become a generation? We were promised the result in 2014 would be respected, yet the SNP are trying to rip this country apart again, but then I suppose another referendum would be a convenient distraction from their poor record in government wouldn't it. I want no more, I am sick and tired of the hatred and divide that they cause."

Paula, from Glasgow


"I voted no in 2014, it was my first time voting, and I would vote no again if required to. But I do not want another divisive referendum, I watched both referendums split and divide my friends and family. It was horrible to endure. It's time everyone moved on, and moved on together."

Shannon, from Glasgow


"For the sake of peace and reconciliation, we must have no more referendums. There is much work to be done, so lets get on with it please!!!"

Rita, from Blantyre


"We need a break from divisive arguments now. The last thing we need as we face the challenges of change is even more discord and uncertainty that another referendum would surely involve." 

- Keith, from West Linton



"We the people have already spoken. Now stand by your word of Once in a Lifetime"

Maggie, from South Lanarkshire

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