Happy Burns Day!

In a Scotland still harbouring an obsession with the constitution as part of its political discourse, the views of even the dead are up for debate and none more so than our national bard, Robert Burns.


He lived in a simpler time, before North Sea oil and the Barnett Formula. His much-loved writings give cause to both sides to believe he was one of them and the many Burns experts have fashioned varying arguments on how his radical politics would have developed in the 21st century.

While it’s an interesting debate, it’s a question we will never know the answer to.  What is for sure is that all Scots and everyone else, whatever their politics or views, can enjoy the beauty of his poems and songs.

That’s the spirit we will take into our first Burns Supper next week, which we hope you will join us for.

With three excellent speakers – former Labour leader Johann Lamont, outspoken Conservative MSP Murdo Fraser and ex-Scottish Secretary Alistair Carmichael – its sure to be a great night.

This week, we saw a fight over national symbols, this time the flags which represent the different layers of our identity.

We at Scotland in Union firmly believe our national culture is for every proud Scot, none more so than Burns, and refuse to allow the symbols of our Scottish identity to be monopolised by anyone party or grouping.

Join us next Friday, and we can raise a glass to that. Tickets here.


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