Independence Day Event - Scotland In Union

Scotland in Union marked Alex Salmond's 'independence day' with a celebration in the Scotsman Hotel on Wednesday (March 23rd).


The packed event heard from a number of speakers, including Scotland in Union Director Alastair Cameron, and allowed people to reflect on what might have been had the vote gone the other way.

The event was also used to launch new research commissioned by Scotland in Union, which shows we would have been £10 billion worse off if Scotland had decided to go independent.


In his speech, Alastair Cameron said:

"This event, on the 23rd of March 2016, is of course to mark the eve of when the SNP said Scotland would be independent, had the majority voted for separation in 2014.  So, it’s an opportunity to pause, and reflect on what might have been, but also an opportunity to draw (another) line under the events of 2014, and move on together.

"These twin themes  - the avoidance of disaster, and the celebration of togetherness – are two sides of the same coin.

"On the avoidance of disaster, it was clear in 2014 (and before) that Scotland would suffer economically, socially and culturally if we cut ourselves off from the rest of the UK.   I say this with no sense of triumph, just a sense of relief. But on a social and cultural note, we only need to look at how the SNP behave in government, to thank goodness that we are not facing the birth of a new country, tomorrow, with the nationalists in charge.

"Hundreds of thousands of people were active in the referendum ‘No’ campaign, helping millions to understand the benefits of the union and the risks of separation.  I know that everyone in this room played their part in the 2014 campaign, whether on the streets, online, at home or through donations (or all of the above).   Also importantly now: you and our other supporters, and many others, are continuing to help to promote the benefits of Scotland staying in the UK.  For all that effort, then and now, on behalf of SIU and others, I would just like to say: thank you."


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