Manifesto pledges

Following the launch of its manifesto this week, Labour has joined the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats in ruling out a referendum in the next Scottish Parliament.

Leader Kezia Dugdale unveiled her plans for Holyrood which included a commitment to oppose a referendum over the next five years and insisted it was ‘time to move on’.

Both Ruth Davidson and Willie Rennie have made similar commitments and signed the Scotland in Union Charter at their spring conferences. We had called for all of the parties to rule out a second referendum.

Alastair Cameron, Director of Scotland in Union, said:

“We are delighted that three of Scotland’s major parties have now committed to opposing another referendum in the next Scottish Parliament and this will be a relief to many Scots who want to move on from this divisive debate.

“The SNP has left the door open to a referendum though – we would call on Nicola Sturgeon to respect the settled will of the Scottish people and concentrate on the day job of running our country if they are fortunate enough to be re-elected next week.”

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