No detriment to Scotland - a challenge to First Minister Nicola Sturgeon

Scotland in Union warmly welcomes the agreement on the fiscal framework which will underpin the new tax powers for Holyrood and is particularly pleased that the principle of 'no detriment' has been applied to Scotland.

Here is a letter we sent to the First Minister on the back of this agreement:

24th February 2016

Dear First Minister,

Can I congratulate you on agreeing a deal yesterday on the ‘Fiscal Framework’ which will underpin the new tax powers for the Scottish Parliament.

In your discussions with the UK Government you placed great emphasis on ensuring that Scotland should face ‘no detriment’ to its public finances from the devolution of more powers to the Scottish Parliament, saying that you “will not sign up to a systematic cut to Scotland's budget.”

I am sure that many in Scotland would be reassured to know that you do not support any constitutional changes that would damage Scotland’s finances and public services.

Can you therefore confirm that you would apply the same ‘no detriment’ principle to full independence? In other words that you would not campaign for Scottish independence if it meant less funding for public services like the NHS and education in the period after independence?

I look forward to your response.

Alastair Cameron
Scotland in Union

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