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Alan McGregor: The Most Successful Union of All

Dear Scotland in Union

Here are my thoughts:

Scotland is a successful and well-off country and this has been achieved whilst being part of the United Kingdom.

The Barnett formula continues to bestow on us a generous annual settlement and being part of a large Union gives us financial security. Our trade with the rest of the UK is essential to our future trading position and to risk this in any way would be foolhardy. In a world where there are continuing and growing threats to security , the strength of the UK’s armed forces and nuclear deterrent are vital in ensuring our safety.

We Scots have contributed hugely to the success of the UK. Scottish politicians , financiers , business leaders and members of the armed forces have helped to produce the most successful Union of all by working harmoniously alongside English, Welsh and Irish colleagues to ensure that together we are all stronger and prosper accordingly.

Finally, we were assured that the referendum was a “once-in-a-lifetime“ vote. It was divisive and it created uncertainty which weakened our economy. We cannot afford that again especially at this time.

Alan McGregor


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