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Brian Ross: Scotland should be part of the UK

I am a passionate believer in the UK because I believe that Scotland is better off financially being part of it. The rest of the UK is a big market for jobs and businesses alike, and with excellent communication links that provide outstanding opportunities for Scottish businesses to generate profitable business relationships with our close neighbours.

Many businesses operating in Scotland have their headquarters in the rest of the UK, and vice-versa, there are no barriers to trade in any way and never will be if we remain part of the UK.

We are culturally similar and inclusive of our fellow citizens, and we are without doubt stronger from a security perspective because of our combined strengths (Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland) in the Army, Navy and Air Force.

Historically we have forged strong relationships with our neighbours over generations, and we need to continue to build on these very strong relationships rather than forget what has happened in history to forge our United Kingdom, a country that is the envy of the world.

We need to cherish what our fathers and grandfathers have built, and continue to

strengthen our partnerships with our neighbours in the UK - for the benefit of Scotland and indeed all of us. 

- Brian Ross

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