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Chief Exec Pamela Nash Warns Against Complacency

We recently revealed our new publication The Majority newspaper, which put the spotlight on the issues which concern many of our supporters about the impact the SNP’s neverendum is having on Scotland.  Thank you so much to everyone who helped distribute 20,000 copies over the past month.  We cannot exist without the help of our volunteers, and we are enormously grateful.

Nearly two years ago, the SNP launched the Growth Commission to re-evaluate the economic case for Scottish independence, including options on the currency question and how to plug that enormous black hole in Scotland’s finances.  It has been widely tipped as the next White Paper, reigniting the road to indyref2.

So where is it?  Expected initially in 2016, it has been delayed several times. 

The latest suggestion is we may eventually see this report before the summer, prior to their unusually timed conference in June.  If this is indeed the beginning their march to indyref2, then we need be ready to see off this threat.  

For those who say that indyref2 is off the agenda, I warn against complacency.  Our opponents are determined, well-resourced and still have a high standing in the polls. The SNP are still on track to be the biggest party in Holyrood and independence is still at 2014 levels.  Far from being a vote loser, pushing forward with indyref2 could help them strengthen their support base ahead of the next Scottish Parliament elections expected in 2021.  

And, importantly, they refuse to take it off the table. Nicola Sturgeon’s position is she has a mandate and is keeping her options open in a time of uncertainty.  Just this week it was reported that they had registered a new website to organise supporters and have not denied that this is in preparation for the launch of a campaign for indyref2.

We know another divisive referendum is not what Scotland wants or needs, it only serves the needs of the SNP.  

Growth remains stagnant, far worse than the rest of the UK. Public services continue to suffer as the SNP focus is on the constitution and grievance, not improving the quality of life for Scots.  The division of 2014’s referendum largely remains, with many still defining themselves and others based on how they voted that day.

We need economic stability.  We need a Scottish Government dedicated to the day job.  We need to be able to reunite as Scots and move on together.

It is Scotland in Union who are the front line in standing up for the majority who do not want another referendum so soon. 

But we cannot do this without your help.  Thank you for your ongoing support.

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