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Daib Ramzan: Unite Behind our Union

Here is the latest addition to our 'Tell Us Your Story' campaign.

‘Where there is discord, may we bring harmony.

Where there is error, may we bring truth.

Where there is doubt, may we bring faith.

And where there is despair, may we bring hope’

- Saint Francis of Assisi

These words from St Francis highlight exactly what we are facing today within Scotland, that separation will only bring discord. Scotland’s future is endangered yet again by nationalism. In 2014 and at the age of just 16 the future of my nation within the union was at stake. The question of Scottish independence was a very divisive question to ask a 16 year old. Since, it was such a pivotal vote on our country’s future the understanding remained complex on both sides. The experiences during the campaign were strictly unpleasant, friction and division commenced amongst our loved ones, chaos had stroked our streets, creating greater fusion amongst strangers. As a staunch believer in our union I doubt anyone would like to re-live these moments. Therefore, it is imperative upon us to never re-visit the constitutional question again. For as long as I live, I will continue fighting the realms of nationalism and continue advocating for a united Scotland within the United Kingdom.

For the majority another Scottish independence referendum is something which many people do not want to experience again. These people aren’t just unionists but some nationalists themselves, fed up with the SNP continuously ranting on about independence whilst Scotland suffers socially. As a strong believer in our union it is important to understand our strong relation with the Kingdom’s other nations. England, Wales and Northern Ireland combined are our most beneficial trade partners compared to others such as the European Union. To sever our ties with our largest economic partner would cause a great ordeal to our nation’s economy. However, the Scottish Nationalists believe that Scotland would be able to remain within the EU after leaving the United Kingdom, that itself would be a challenge. To join the EU it would take Scotland years and not something which would come about immediately or easily. As the SNP continue to govern Scotland we on the majority are faced with lies and deception continuously inflicted by the SNP.

The SNP have caused enough pain and deception over the constitutional question for many years. However, the SNP have struggled with the day job of governing in Scotland’s interest for over 10 years. Nicola Sturgeon promised to put education at the heart of her new term. The reality is that for more than 10 years SNP have failed to deliver on greater education standards which instead have fallen.

The effects of leaving the United Kingdom would abrupt an array of further economic and social problems which would weaken our society. Those who back independence would rather suffer socially and economically in order to sever ties with Westminster. In that case the nationalists cannot be trusted with the interests of Scotland; their goal is to seek independence from the union at any cost. Perhaps the 2017 election result in Scotland was a result of the failure of nationalism consolidating the interests of Scotland. Scots rejected nationalism by two thirds in the popular vote which resulted in the SNP losing 21 seats. This is a sign of nationalism failing and the pro-union majority growing. We on the side of the majority are succeeding against nationalism.

- Daib Ramzan

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