Edinburgh Festival 2017

An update from our CEO on the Edinburgh Festival 2017

People will pour from every corner of the globe to our capital city for the next few weeks for the world’s biggest arts festival.

The Edinburgh Festival is now in its 70th year and seems to get bigger and better every August as more gather up and down the Royal Mile.

Set up to ‘provide a platform for the flowering of the human spirit’ in post-war Britain, the original international festival has mushroomed into a multi-faceted event which offers the best of the arts, comedy, literature, science, film, music and lots more.

The crowning jewel is the Tattoo, where Edinburgh Castle hosts the best of the British Armed Forces and international military bands.

The stunning visuals and soaring music attract around a quarter of a million people every year and everyone should see it once in our life.

Elsewhere, every nook and cranny of our ancient city becomes an arts venue, a bar or a meeting points as Edinburgh is transformed into a bustling international centre of culture.

If you live in Edinburgh, there is no escape. If you don’t, I would highly recommend taking a trip through for the day.

It reminds us that the best of Scotland is helped by being in the union, not hindered. The UK has helped give the festival a platform to the world.

And it also shows us – when people share talent, ideas, humour, curiosity and fun – national identity matters very little.

Created out of a response to a global conflict which saw nationalism bring the world to the brink of destruction, how terrific our capital city throws its doors open to people from every corner of the planet.

- Scotland in Union CEO Graeme Pearson