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ELECTION MESSAGE FOR SCOTS - SNP will use your vote to push for Indyref2

As the country’s largest pro-UK campaign group, we want to highlight that any vote for the SNP will be used by the Nationalists to push for a divisive second independence referendum.

In a message to our 27,000 registered supporters, our chief executive Pamela Nash said that every vote in the forthcoming General Election will count.

She said that the SNP will use every vote and every seat won as ammunition in its fight to break up the UK.

Ms Nash warned that anything Nicola Sturgeon or SNP candidates say about public services or other election topics during the campaign will be ignored straight after polling day, when only dividing the UK will matter for the party.

Pamela Nash, chief executive of Scotland in Union, said:

“This is a crucial General Election campaign for the future of the UK.

“Every single vote in Scotland counts, whether you live in a marginal or a seat where the incumbent MP has a large majority.

“Regardless of what any SNP candidate says during the campaign, the Nationalists will use every vote they receive as ammunition in their fight to tear apart communities and break up the world’s most successful union. This is their number one priority.

“Whatever your views on Brexit, it’s clear Scexit is not the answer.

“It would involve erecting a hard border with England, scrapping the pound and slashing public services.

“Wherever you live in Scotland, if you care about solidarity, economic strength and our public services, then you should vote for a pro-UK candidate.”


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