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Filip Vyrubek: This is Why I Donate to Scotland in Union

Dear Sir/Madam

My modest donation to Scotland in Union was to express my support for your platform and the idea of unity and togetherness itself.

I have lived in the UK in Scotland for over 12 years, however, I was born in the Czech republic, at that time it was Czechoslovakia. I feel quite patriotic about Britain. I consider myself as British after having lived in this country for more than one decade of my life but at the same time I'm Czech-Czechoslovakian and I feel a bit Scottish as well.

Scotland as a part of Great Britain is an emotional matter for me and many others, I believe, apart from other more rational reasons such as economy and defence.

I have a quite few friends and colleagues at work with different beliefs and political views. Some of them are left wing liberals and some of them are SNP supporters. Occasionaly we talk politics, but no matter what we all respect each other and I really value my friendship with these people. But when it comes to arguments I find the SNP's arguments and stances on key issues either naive or incompetent. However, all these key topics such as economy, defence and foreign relations are very complex, they tend to recklessly ignore it. I should be more concrete but I'm ready for more detailed debate if required. Even those arguments which would make some sense are in my opinion short-sighted.

For all the above reasons and it's also my deep belief that we should keep Britain united and work together. The motto"United we stand, divided we fall" is truly timeless.

I appreciate that your campaign strive to accentuate the positive. Our campaign should be positive, smart, fair and honest. It's a real challenge.

As a former Better Together supporter for I would like to wish you all the success and pledge my support for your campaign/platform Scotland in Union.

Best regards

Filip Vyrubek

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