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Home Market trade strengthens Scotland's place in the UK

Today the Scottish Government released the annual Export Statistics Scotland (ESS) figures - which show an increase in trade with the rest of the UK, our home market, by 4.6 per cent. These new figures show an increase of £2.2 billion to £48.9 billion, this equates to 60 per cent of our entire trade - more than three times that of our trade with the European Union (18 per cent).

This proves how important our home market is to Scotland, and why we must not put a barrier between us and the rest of the UK. Why? Well, because the Scottish Government’s own data released today shows that exports to England, Wales and Northern Ireland were worth £34 billon more than exports to the 27 other countries in the EU.

So, no matter your views on Brexit, independence is clearly not the answer. Scotland is significantly stronger for being part of the UK.

Scottish Government data:


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