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It’s thanks to the Union I have a brighter future

Here's another addition to our Tell Us Your Story campaign, this time from Scotland in Union supporter Josh: It’s thanks to the Union I have a future.

As a young Scot, I’m often portrayed as an automatic supporter of independence. This is false. I back the Union. It was thanks to the Union i found my first job in the hospitality sector. I would have lost that job had the Union broken up as would have at least five others. I would have lost the ability to grow, develop and learn new skills and undertake new opportunities. The business was dependent upon coach tours which travelled the whole of the UK as well as groups that came up from places across England and Wales. Tours of Scotland weren’t large enough. Nor could the business depend on local trade. Being a part of the UK enabled me to get a decent start in life by providing me with a job that I could use to help my struggling parents and get some work experience. It’s thanks to the Union I have a future.

Never have I felt suppressed or disadvantaged or taken for granted by being part of the UK. Never have I felt as though my country is being squeezed or persecuted by London or an imperialist occupier in the form of the English, the Conservatives or Labour. Never have I felt less when compared to someone from England or Wales. We are the same, we speak the same language, share the same history, share the same customs, share the same blood that comes from being a member of this island. We are the same, not less than or more than. We are not the colonised or the abused. We are the Scots and we are equal in this Union.

As part of the UK, Scots have the opportunity to join industries across the spectrum of human activity from manufacturing, science and technology to retail, fashion, finance, aeronautical and maritime sectors. Plus, that’s even outside of the EU. I’m not voting to weaken my future prospects because someone believes Scottish independence is a cultural drive. Culture should be admired, it must never drive the future otherwise we risk blinding ourselves with images of a make-believe nostalgic dream missing the future ruining our chances for prosperity. Our destiny is best served by being a part of the United Kingdom.

As part of the United Kingdom we have a global footprint.

We are the fifth largest economy on Earth. You don’t solve social problems by leaving a position of power such as that. As part of the UK, Scotland’s waters are in Scotland’s hands. In terms of diplomatic networks, ours is one of the largest meaning we can respond to global problems faster than many others, our armed forces are one of the largest in Europe and one of the most capable by being able to deploy anywhere in the world in greater speed than some nations more than double our size, our foreign aid goes to nations and people far and wide; a reach and capability which would be far smaller had independence arisen. As part of the United Kingdom I can plan my future as well as build it. I know where I stand and can look to the future with hope in spite of uncertainty. I can look to a future where Scotland is thriving, not just surviving. 

I’d rather have a job and build my future knowing the situation and where I stand than put my faith in a cause that claims to provide a better future for Scotland, yet can give zero guarantees on anything. I back the Union because it gives me confidence for the future and opportunities which exist for all Scots. By backing the Union, I firmly believe Scotland and her people can prosper.

I’m proud of my Scottish identity and to be told by some random bloke “You back the Union, you’re not Scottish” is quite frankly sickening. I’m Scottish and British and damn proud of it.



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