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Jane Maguire: Why I Donate to Scotland in Union

The next stage of our 'Tell Us Your Story' campaign comes from the supporters who contribute financially towards our campaign. Scotland in Union can only operate thanks to the generosity of our supporters, without them contributing we would not have a campaign.

Jane Maguire: Why I Donate to Scotland in Union

I give a monthly donation to Scotland in Union for a number of reasons – the main reason is because I passionately want Scotland to remain part of the UK and therefore, for me, it is important we have a non-political voice to speak on behalf of all Unionists in Scotland. I have in the past joined a political party but for the time being I would rather my money went towards this continuing campaign to promote ‘Scotland in Union’ and Scotland within the Union.

The other reason is because I am self-employed and because of my geographical location I am unable to become actively involved in any of the main campaigning events that have been organised throughout Scotland. I live on an island in a small community and at times have felt quite isolated in my support for the Union – not just logistically but also because of the mind set of small rural communities. By contributing financially I feel more involved and I also feel I have a voice – collectively that voice is Scotland in Union and it is important that we continue to be heard.

Good luck with your future campaigns and I hope you continue to raise the necessary finance to take the fight to the Nationalists.

With best wishes and kind regards,

Jane Maguire  

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