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Last thing Scotland needs is a 2020 Indyref2

Ahead of the SNP conference this weekend, SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford has said in an interview with Politico that a divisive second independence referendum ‘has to happen within 2020’.

Pamela Nash, chief executive of Scotland in Union, said:

“The very last thing that Scotland needs is a divisive and unwanted second independence referendum next year.

“The Brexit turmoil is causing deep divisions and economic uncertainty, and a referendum on leaving the UK would cause catastrophic upheaval.

“Nationalist politicians need to start listening to the people of Scotland. Barely a quarter back another referendum before 2021, and support for remaining in the UK has risen to 59 per cent. Scotland said no to separation in 2014 and we meant it.

“The best future for Scotland is as part of the UK, growing our economy, ending constitutional division, and investing in public services for the most vulnerable in society.”


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