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May update from our chief executive, Pamela Nash

In recent weeks we have seen Nicola Sturgeon announce that she wants a referendum before 2021’s Scottish Parliament election and has pledged to “launch the biggest campaign on the economics of independence” in the history of the SNP.

All of this despite the fact that 61% of Scots would now vote to remain in the UK, including a third of former ‘Yes’ voters, as shown in our recently commissioned polling.  Only 1/5th support the plan for a referendum within two years.  She is just not listening to the people of Scotland.

The SNP will be delivering a ‘prospectus for independence’ to every one of Scotland’s 2.4m households, aiming to inspire new supporters.  This is the enormity of what we are up against. The scale of the resources they have is frightening and will have a significant impact if not countered.  That is exactly what we must do.

Our polling also showed that only 12% of Scots want the new “Scottish pound” that has been put forward by the SNP as the currency in an independent Scotland.

The currency issue is the kryptonite of the SNP.  They are deeply divided over the answer, which led to Nicola Sturgeon being defeated in a vote at her own party conference, by activists demanding a quicker transition to the “Scottish pound”.    And in a clumsy attempt to try and dismiss this issue, we have seen SNP’s Emma Harper MSP make the wild claim that the increased use of credit cards makes this debate obsolete.

All of this is being carried out with the backdrop of an unresolved Brexit.  The last thing that people want or need is additional constitutional and economic uncertainty.

The fact is, the overwhelming majority of people in Scotland want to keep the pound.  We know that the SNP’s dangerous plan to fast-track the abolition of the pound will put wages, mortgages and pensions at risk, threatening people’s livelihoods.

It’s clear there is only one way to save the pound in your pocket and that’s for Scotland to remain in the UK, building a successful economic future based on our shared institutions, culture and history.  And Scotland in Union will keep on campaigning to achieve this, with your help.

Pamela Nash, chief executive of Scotland in Union.


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