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Response: Growth Commission

SNP Growth Commission

Responding to the SNP's Growth Commission, Pamela Nash, Chief Executive of Scotland in Union, said:

“We know the people of Scotland don't want another referendum – they made that clear in the General Election last year and in every opinion poll since. There is very little in this report today which is going to change that.

“The report is called a New Case for Optimism and there is plenty of optimism in the numbers the Commission has put forward. While it is less fanciful than Alex Salmond's economic fantasies of 2014, there is very little recognition of the challenges and pitfalls an independent Scotland would face going it alone.

“What we need is a growth plan for Scotland, not for independence. Its hard to see how we can achieve economic growth by turning away from our biggest trading partner, opening up the biggest deficit in Europe and threatening a new currency.

“There was a reason currency was such a big problem for the Yes campaign and the options don't look any easier today. All of the currency ideas put forward by the Growth Commission would have severe consequences for Scotland.

“Its time Nicola Sturgeon put Scotland's interests before the SNP's, got back to the day job and started using the strength and security of the UK to deliver jobs, better schools and funding for the NHS.”

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