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Robert Lang: My UK Sense of Pride

My belief is as it always has been in, the strength of Scotland backed up and supported by the strong union of nations within the UK.

My desire comes from one of emotion and belonging.  This has long been the argument of nationalists.  Despite the pitfalls, many believe that it is their place as an independent nation, one where they would risk everything to be held with a single saltire flying high.  My fear is that this does not consider the opinion of others that feel inclusion elsewhere also. This sort of social exclusion is something that goes against every essence of what the new liberal Scotland is all about.

I am an extremely proud born and bred Scot, and have lived here all my life. But I too also feel a great inclusion with that of the Union. During my younger years, I swam competitively on an international level, both representing Scotland and the United Kingdom. 

In my experience the strength and inclusion of being part of the Union spurred me on, the sense of pride and national identity throughout the world where brandishing the Union Jack on my tracksuit was what it was all about. Nothing could take that away from the sense of achievement and wonder to be part of this unique unquestionably great union. Stepping into the world as GB and the strength it holds made me realise just how much this nation is worth fighting to hold on to. Nobody can take this sense of pride away.

When speaking about my competitive swimming experience, I have often been met with the view that Scots are often excluded when it comes to representing the U.K.  This is quite simply rhetoric based on nothing more than a wishful desire to be seen as ‘excluded’ in order to further their political will. This to me goes against everything I worked for and felt, my greatest fear is for the nation to be torn apart by its seams based on a wilful desire and hatred of another. Proud union supporters face exclusion when they attempt to speak up.


Together as the UK we are stronger, as one we work together to achieve greatness, this would never be possible pitting ourselves against our neighbours, embrace the collaborative workings of the UK and we will thrive.

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