Roger Crabb: Hate to think of Scotland as a Foreign Country

The first of today's contributions to the 'Tell Us Your Story' campaign is a very short one that comes from Roger Crabb: Hate to think of Scotland as a Foreign Country.

I am English but I have many Scottish friends, a degree from a Scottish university, and I have been visiting Scotland annually for more than 50 years. I also do my best to support the Scotch whisky industry by being a "Friend of Laphroaig" while Famous Grouse is a favourite dram.

I have attended many international matches at Murrayfield and always support Scotland, except when they play England, when I try to remain neutral. My long and deep association with Scotland is a vital part of my life and I would hate to think of Scotland as a foreign country. We share a small island and it is madness to even think of creating a division between us.

Let us forge ever closer links and prosper in union.

Roger Crabb

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