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Ross Martin: That Old Tune of Another Referendum

'Tell Us Your Story' campaign continues today with Scotland in Union supporter Ross Martin.

Scotland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, its vast landscapes and stunning scenery are quite something. We have such a rich culture and a great diversity of people who live and work to make our country prosper and grow.

The independence referendum gave us a question on whether we should break away from the UK or not, the question was answered by the people of Scotland and we voted NO. The answer was given and that should be that, because at the end of the day we shouldn't have to keep saying" will this be a once in a generation question?"

The sheer magnitude of this vote and its cost to implement tells us that a referendum is in no way a cheap option, and to also add in the white paper to that mix just added to its spiralling costs.

So to want to ask this particular question again says that it's a case of let's keep asking till we get the answer we want, which just isn't an option considering where that money could be used to strengthen things like the attainment gap or mental health to name but a few.Social media is one of the many ways we all connect, it's integrated into our lives and it can be used to fire off a quick opinion or a comment on anything and politics is no different.

We see exactly what our fellow countrymen think about those of us who voted NO, the pure putrid filth that is said about those who want to be a part of the UK. It's disgusting with a government not willing to address this issue or stop their MPs/MSPs from spouting such tripe and not to mention their sheep following. It's now at the point where just hearing about another referendum is so boring, we see rallies for a yes vote start to dwindle in numbers, the usual Gaelic phrases to somehow prove your more Scottish.And the snp play that old tune of another referendum is what we need, well we simply don't and to even think that we do when we are going through our transition on brexit is pure fantasy much like the 2014 campaign that we all saw through.

- Ross Martin

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