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Scotland in Union at Pride Edinburgh 2023

On Saturday 24th June we attended Pride Edinburgh once again.

It was brilliant to have the opportunity to engage with so many people and sign up new supporters. This allowed us to reach out to people who perhaps hadn't heard of our campaign until now.

Our positive message of unity was enormously welcomed.

We enjoyed meeting many current supporters too, who spotted our stand and popped over to thank us for being there. It was great to see.

Even those who disagreed with us on the constitutional future of Scotland were only too happy to engage with us in conversation, and have some fun, exactly the way it should be!

Attending events like this gives Scotland in Union the opportunity to get beyond the politically charged debate that we see online.

Our stall provided a welcoming space for conversations, where we encouraged individuals with different viewpoints to approach us and discuss Scotland's place in the UK.

Participating in Pride Edinburgh was a reflection of our belief in unity and inclusivity within Scotland and across the UK.

A special thanks to our volunteer Gordon, who alongside our Campaigns Manager, has run our stall at Pride Edinburgh for the last two years.

See you all at the next Pride event!


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