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Nicola Sturgeon must be open and honest with voters about the impact of a hard border with England.

The First Minister has refused to rule out border checks at Gretna and Berwick if Scotland leaves the UK.

With the devastating impact hard to quantify, the SNP has been challenged to produce its own version of the Brexit ‘Operation Yellowhammer’ document so that voters know the true cost of Scexit.

Scotland in Union has called for the SNP to provide answers on:

- The impact on trade with the rest of UK, which is worth £51.2billion-a-year to Scotland’s economy – 60% of all exports.

- The impact on jobs and livelihoods, with 545,000 jobs in Scotland supported by the rest of the UK.

- The impact on freedom of movement of people, goods and services, which has existed for over 300 years.

Pamela Nash, chief executive of Scotland in Union, said:

“Nicola Sturgeon must come clean on the devastating impact of a hard border with England.

“The SNP must produce its own ‘Yellowhammer’ document that spells out the consequences of Scexit.

“We know it would be catastrophic for our economy, as we trade over £50billion with the rest of the UK.

“It would put livelihoods at risk as over half-a-million jobs in Scotland are supported by the rest of the UK.

“And it would put freedom of movement at risk after more than 300 years.

“The only way to rule out a hard border between friends, families, neighbours and traders is to remain in the UK.”


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