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SNP's Net-Zero Minister wants a separate Scotland to drill for more Oil

The SNP’s Net Zero Secretary Michael Matheson has said a separate Scotland would continue to allow the exploration and new drilling for oil and gas.

He also told The Scotsman that he stood by the SNP’s White Paper from 2014.

Pamela Nash, chief executive of Scotland in Union, said:

“While Nicola Sturgeon tries to grandstand on the world stage at COP26, her ministers admit that a separate Scotland would continue exploring and drilling for oil and gas.

“This shows the SNP’s green credentials are just a mirage and – as always – the nationalists are more interested in constitutional division than working together to tackle the climate emergency.

“The 2014 White Paper, with its reliance on an oil boom, has been completely discredited – and the SNP should drop any plans for a rewrite and focus on what really matters to people.”

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Donald Lawrence
Donald Lawrence
Nov 23, 2021

Let all members of the union have a vote "Should Scotland be allowed to stay in the union" not Scotish people only . Giving one year to have total separation completed by.

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