Scotland’s largest pro-UK organisation has launched a tactical voting guide for every seat in the country ahead of the General Election.

We have published an interactive Tactical Voting Guide at the request of supporters looking for advice on who to vote for to stop the SNP.

Pro-UK voters, who make up a majority of the electorate, could make the difference in several key seats across Scotland.

The guide allows everyone in Scotland to enter their postcode and receive a suggestion for their seat.

It also encourages those who have a strong loyalty to a party which can’t win in their own constituency to consider using the popular ‘Swap My Vote’ website, which pairs them with someone in another constituency across the UK.

We have based the suggestion in each seat on a number of factors, including the result in the 2017 General Election, polling results since then, odds, and local information. The voting suggestions do not constitute an endorsement of any candidate or party’s policies.

Link to the tactical voting site here.

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