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The Growth Commission Report is coming...

It’s clear from the past week that Nicola Sturgeon will use anything, including stirring up a political crisis, to kick-start her drive for indyref2.

Most of us Scots are fed up with it. The First Minister should be concentrating on the day job: fixing our economy and focussing on our NHS, police and teachers, but would rather set her sights on another referendum.

She said herself earlier in the week that independence would "never be off the table until it is realised." Nearly two years ago, the SNP launched the Growth Commission to re-evaluate the economic case for Scottish independence, and they are publishing the report this week.  For the SNP, this is the next White Paper, reigniting the road to indyref2.

Nationalists will be using this as an opportunity to organise for indyref2, we must be ready. Can you help?

If you are a fed-up Scot and want to stop another costly and divisive referendum, please chip in!


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