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The UK: A Strong Commitment to Foreign Aid

Some places are more fortunate than others. We are lucky to live in a safe and prosperous country, and should do what we can to help others. However, we also have to recognise that our own resources are not infinite, and that is why we must make sure that our contributions are as effective as possible.

The SNP have recently pledged a great deal of money for climate change and flood aid.  Whilst this makes for good headlines, there could be better ways to help. By working with the UK departments set up to promote international development, the nationalists could ensure that they are not just giving away money for others to spend, but actually making a difference on the ground.

Giving money so that others will do what you cannot, is always an exercise in trust. Perhaps the SNP have done their homework and their chosen partners on the ground will spend our money wisely. But we should also remember that the UK is one of only a handful of countries that can deliver actual material assistance, anywhere in the world, any time it is needed.

After a recent typhoon in the Philippines, for example, British warships were able to search for casualties and deposit supplies right into the areas that needed them the most. This is a valuable capability because someone, somewhere, will always have to make the final delivery, perhaps while opposed by weather or violence. However, it is also a capability which the SNP would like to abandon in pursuit of yet more isolationism and virtue signalling, while expecting others to do the hard work on their behalf.

The nationalists place separatism above all else. In their own word, it ‘transcends’ all else. This is selfish and wrong: we have responsibilities too, and we achieve more, and deliver more, when we work together.

Britain is changing the world. Let’s get on with being part of it.

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