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UK Government’s Indyref2 submission

The Supreme Court does not have the “jurisdiction” to determine the legality of a second referendum on leaving the UK, the UK Government has said in a written submission to the court.

Advocate General for Scotland, Lord Stewart QC, published his written submission on behalf of UK ministers on Wednesday.

Pamela Nash, chief executive of Scotland in Union, said:

"In the week that the SNP’s shameful record on education has been exposed, it’s clear once again the nationalists’ attention lies elsewhere.

"Instead of pursuing her selfish obsession through the courts, Nicola Sturgeon should be concerning herself with matters closer to home.

"The appalling attainment gap is widening on her watch. It exposes her pledge that education is her number one priority as a complete nonsense.

"If she spent half as much time on the standards of education as she does on trying to break up the UK, pupils and teachers would be far better off.

"Scotland’s positive future is with the rest of the United Kingdom working together on the issues that really matter."

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11 ago 2022

Sturgeon obviously has a small mind syndrome and can only function on one thought and dam the consequences

Me gusta
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