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With your help, we can take the fight to the nationalists, and stand up for the UK.

We are asking you to pledge to make a donation of a specific amount to SIU, conditional on us raising that amount from other donors during our upcoming fundraising drive. This means that, if we are successful, your pledge will have led to SIU receiving double that amount to spend on our vital campaign.


The impact you could make:

  • £500 could purchase 20,000 A5 leaflets for our volunteers to distribute.

  • £1,000 spent on social media online advertising could reach approximately 200,000 people.

  • £2,000, could purchase a full-page ad in a newspaper, accompanied by digital ads on the newspaper’s website.

  • £5,000 could pay for a ten-question poll and promoting the results.

  • £15,000 could allow us to a campaign on 10 large prominent billboards across Scotland for 2-4 weeks.

  • £20,000 could enable us to commission a polling and focus group project that will give us vital information.

If you want Scotland to stay secure in the UK, please complete this short form and pledge what you can to help strengthen our campaign.


We will be in touch to collect your pledge when we have raised this money during our fundraising drive.


Thank you for all your support.

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