Scotland in Union's Response to the Referendum Consultation

Responding to the launch of a consultation into a referendum bill, Alastair Cameron, Director of Scotland in Union, said: 

“Nicola Sturgeon is hell-bent on dragging Scotland into a referendum we don’t want and impose economic uncertainty and division at the worst possible time.

“If she was serious about listening to Scotland, she would recognise poll after poll has shown the majority of Scots have no appetite for another referendum.

“She is already playing games by publishing a question which has already been ruled as biased by the Electoral Commission. If she really had the confidence of her argument, Nicola Sturgeon would put a fair question to the electorate.

“Two years ago, the people of Scotland decisively rejected independence and chose to remain part of the United Kingdom. The Scottish Government has shown today it is incapable of accepting and respecting that result.”

Scotland in Union will be formally replying to the SNP's consultation on independence and we urge all of our supporters to do the same. 


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