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The UK’s pound is the world’s oldest currency.  Its strength and stability benefits each of us every single day when we pay our bills, collect our salary or pension, and buy our shopping.  


Despite this, the SNP wants to ditch the pound in an independent Scotland and introduce a new currency.  The only way to save our pound is to remain in the United Kingdom.

By remaining in the UK and saving the pound

we can:

  • Protect salaries, mortgages and pensions.

  • Grow our economy by exporting to our home market across the UK without extra red tape.

  • Use a stable currency backed by the strength of the UK’s central bank and over 30 million taxpayers.

Please sign our petition below, to send the message that you want to save our pound by remaining in the UK.

The SNP wants to ditch the pound in an independent Scotland, putting mortgages, pensions and our economy at unnecessary risk.


We the undersigned want to remain in the UK and save our pound.

As a campaign we rely on donations to keep us going.


Every donation is appreciated and goes towards keeping the sensible voices against independence heard.

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