Scotland, be brave

Read the full text of SiU Director Alastair Cameron's letter in this week's Economist

Dear Madam

I wish I shared your optimistic belief that “exposing their fallacies” is sufficient to stop the Scottish National Party from gaining seats in Parliament at the general election (“Northern exposure”, April 25th). If reiteration of the truth were all that was required, there would have been no post-referendum bounce for the nationalists.

There is still one more effective way for Scots to stop the SNP wrecking Britain’s politics and Scotland’s economy: not sending SNP MPs to Westminster. A recent survey commissioned by Scotland In Union found that 14% of Scots are voting tactically. Add those who would back a leading non-SNP candidate anyway, and we might just be spared the outcome which many want to avoid.

Scotland In Union

This letter was originally published in The Economist


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