Scotland in Union - Consultation Response

Scotland in Union has called for the Scottish Government to drop plans for an unnecessary and divisive referendum in its  response to a consultation on a draft bill.

We have also highlighted:

- the need for an independent fact-checker to ensure voters are not misled in future referendums

- a review of the referendum question after the Electoral Commission ruled that Yes/No was biased

- tighter rules around campaign funding to avoid abuse and overspending

Our full consultation response is available here


Alastair Cameron, Director of Scotland in Union, said:

"We have made it clear that there is no need for a second referendum on Scottish independence - the people have spoken and the majority do not want to go over this again.

"But we have used this process to suggest ways in which the referendum process could be improved, such as a fairer questioning and an avoidance of the misleading statements made in 2014.

"While we are disappointed that the Scottish Government has made a consultation on a referendum Scotland doesn't want a priority, we would encourage people to take part and make their voices heard."

Please find coverage of Scotland in Union's response in The Sunday Times


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