Scotland in Union - Notes from the Tour

Scotland in Union volunteers have been active across Scotland over the last few weeks.


Our activists have held events in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Perth, Elgin, Inverness, Peterhead, Aberdeen, Lerwick, Kirkwall, Falkirk and Alloa over the last three to four weeks. These events have included Scotland in Union street stalls, sign up events and door to door leafleting.

We held a stall at the annual Orkney County show on Saturday 13th August. This stall went down fantastically with the locals who came over to thank us for our presence and for being their voice out there, where previously they felt no one had been speaking up for them on the constitution.


The engagement and support our activists are receiving on the streets of Scotland is very encouraging, no matter where we are the reception has pretty much been the same, with the overwhelming majority of people agreeing with our #NoMoreReferendums stance. We even had some people who voted yes in 2014 come and speak to us expressing how they have become disillusioned with the current political climate in Scotland; “get on with the day job” seems to be a message we are hearing time and time again on the streets.

Due to our level of activity people have set up local groups of SIU to continue campaigning in their region, this involves a local leader who will take on the responsibility of activity on the ground in each area. This is very encourgaing and shows that we are building a real grassroots network of volunteers up and down Scotland.

So far our Summer/Autumn tour of Scotland has seen SIU active in 22 (of 32) council areas in Scotland. We have active SIU regional teams in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Perth, Aberdeen and Orkney. We also have three more which will be active in the coming weeks, with more to follow afterwards.


In order to keep our new regional teams active and stocked with campaigning materials like new regional leaflets and so forth, we rely fully on the generosity of donations. If you are in a position financially to help Scotland in Union continually grow at the grassroots level then please donate here.

Below are some of the people we have been lucky enough to engage with during our tour of Scotland's 32 council areas:


"Let's all stick together" - Alex, from Orkney



"After the 2008 crash and 2 big referendums in recent years, the last thing we need now is more instability and more separation" - Tom, from Orkney



"We are at a time of uncertainty and another referendum will not help us in anyway, it will just be a time of more division and we do not need that" - Mary, from Shetland



"We are looking to buy a house and all the uncertainty created by talk of further constitutional and economic upheaval isn't making life any easier." - Allan and Steph, from Edinburgh



"Proud to be part of our United Kingdom - always" - Susan, from Aberdeen



"The result of the 2014 referendum was decisive. The Edinburgh agreement and democracy should be respected" - Anthony Harrison, from Edinburgh 



 Scotland in Union volunteers on Princes Street, Edinburgh

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