Scotland in Union's Festive Message

Scotland in Union sent a festive message of unity all around the country this week.


Our Christmas logo was projected on to iconic landmarks all over Scotland, including the Tay Bridge (Dundee), Arthur’s Seat (Edinburgh), the Forth Rail Bridge (see above), Stirling Castle, Finnieston Crane and Glasgow's Science centre.

The festive spectacular rounds off a successful year for the campaign.

Alastair Cameron, Scotland in Union Executive Director, said:

Christmas is a time when people celebrate together, and Scotland In Union sends season's greetings to all. We hope people enjoyed our positive message, lighting up the night in some iconic Scottish locations. We wish everyone travelling across the UK at this time a safe journey, and a united and successful 2017."

DSC_6020.jpgArthur's Seat, Edinburgh

Perth.jpgPerth Bridge, Perth

Projection-GlasgowCrane1.jpgFinneston Crane, Glasgow

Projection-GlasgowScienceCentre1.jpgScience Centre, Glasgow

Projection-Stirling_Castle1.jpgStirling Castle, Stirling

Tay_Bridge.jpgTay Bridge, Dundee

We hope you have enjoyed our festive message of UNITY.

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