Scotland In Union's statement, 24th June

As we found in both 2014 and in recent weeks, referendums are a blunt instrument which divide people and create uncertainty. The prospect of another one will not be welcomed by most Scots who expressed their will fewer than two years ago in what was promised to be a ‘once in a generation’ opportunity.

We must remember that substantially more people in Scotland voted to stay in the UK than voted to remain in the EU.

Nicola Sturgeon must not misconstrue people's intentions and take the vote this week as a mandate for her own political project. It was not a referendum on having another referendum.

The rest of the UK is our biggest market, and we share a border, a currency and more than 300 years of history. We need to find a way to work with our friends and neighbours in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and we are confident that most Scots will see the best way to do this is to continue being part of the UK.

Scotland in Union will continue to highlight the positives of Scotland being in the UK, and we need your support to help us do that. Please sign up and support us at


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