SIU Business Survey: Threat of Another Referendum Harming Scottish Economy

Three quarters of Scottish business surveyed by Scotland in Union believe the threat of a referendum is harming the Scottish economy.

Scotland in Union recently canvassed thousands of our top businesses to gauge views on the current constitutional threat.

From the near-2000 responses, we learned:

-          75 per cent believe the threat of a referendum is harming the Scottish economy

-          72 per cent would vote to remain in the United Kingdom if there was another referendum

-          68 per cent felt Scottish independence was a bigger threat than Brexit to our economy

David Clews, business development manager, said:

“This survey demonstrates the strength of feeling among the Scottish business economy and shows why we are right to oppose the threats we see from the Scottish Government.

“The business community have a big part to play in Scotland’s future – they are key to our future prosperity and their warnings must be heeded.

“I would urge all business leaders who share these concerns to get involved in our campaign and support our efforts to stop another damaging referendum.”




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