Scottish Liberal Democrat Leader backs our Charter

Scotland in Union was delighted to welcome the support of Scottish Liberal Democrat Leader Willie Rennie for our charter, including ruling out a referendum over the next Scottish Parliament.WR1.jpg

A number of other senior Lib Dems pledged their support, such as Tim Farron and Lord Wallace, at the Scottish Liberal Democrats conference in Edinburgh on Friday and Saturday.

We plan to seek support from the other Scottish party leaders and will be at Conservative and Labour conferences over the next few weeks.


Alastair Cameron, director of Scotland in Union, said:
“We will be canvassing all of the party leaders and Scottish Parliament candidates for support as we take forward our charter ahead of the May elections.
“We will not be supporting any party in the elections but we hope that the leaders and candidate’s response to our charters can help guide our supporters on who they should vote for.
“The Scotland in Union team were delighted by the response we received from delegates at our first party conference and thanks to Willie Rennie for his support. We look forward to a similar response at the other Scottish party conference.”

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