SIU Billboards Go Up

Scotland In Union's 'Yes to Unity' posters went up in three Scottish cities this week.

The poet Ogden Nash had a strong view on billboards: he wasn't a fan. (I'd quote the poem here but for copyright reasons I won't.) 

His opinion is up for discussion, of course, but we at Scotland in Union are proud of the three billboards which have gone up this week in three major Scottish cities. Their purpose is to remind people — because some do still need reminding — that the result of last year’s ‘once in a generation’ referendum was a decisive vote in favour of Scotland remaining in the United Kingdom. 

Scotland, in other words, said no to separation and yes to unity. Remember?

If you want to know where to find the billboards, they’re at:

  • 652 Maryhill Road, Glasgow, G20 7TY
  • Constitution Street, Edinburgh, EH6 7AA
  • 46/ 48 Commerce Street, Aberdeen, AB11 5FP
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