SIU Street Stalls Across Scotland


Over the cold, wet and windy months of December and January, Scotland in Union (SIU) held a series of street stalls across some of Scotland’s towns and cities.

Here is a list of locations:

Stirling, Rutherglen, Edinburgh, Perth, Milngavie, Aberdeen, Dunfermline, Helensburgh and Glasgow.

These street stalls have given us a chance to introduce SIU to the wider public, it has also given us the opportunity to let the public hear our message of ‘moving on’ together, and that we in Scotland are no longer ‘yes voters’ or ‘no voters’ - the referendum has been and gone; we are Scots wanting the best for Scotland, and the UK.

SIU’s Campaigns Manager Andrew Skinner was out with volunteers at these street stalls, which gained a lot of interest on the high streets and city centres up and down Scotland.

Over the course of this two-month period we have handed out between 8,000 – 10,000 leaflets at our street stalls. We have signed up over 190 new volunteers, and we have seen 550 new people register their official support for SIU. This sort of response is fantastic considering the time of year, and the weather that our volunteers faced over December and January period.

The reception we have been getting from the general public has been very positive thus far, so much so we have even had SNP voters come over and sign up at our stalls after chatting to us. Our message appeals to all in Scotland, we are not a political party and, we are not chasing votes, so people are more receptive to our positive message of moving on - It resonates across the political divide.

Due to the clear success of the street stalls, SIU will be active with more throughout the months of February and March.

We at SIU are always looking for new volunteers and supporters. If you want to help out at these stalls, and at other events, then you can. Please register here: or contact SIU’s Campaigns Manager Andrew Skinner: who is organising all our street stalls and on the ground activities.

Thank you!

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