Statement by Scotland in Union.

A statement by Scotland in Union
Scotland in Union Director Alastair Cameron has accepted an apology and agreed a charitable donation from Natalie McGarry in response to offensive remarks she made on social media earlier this year.  
Combat Stress, Aegis Trust and Lumos will all receive a share of the funds Mr Cameron will receive from Ms McGarry after legal costs. The apology will be pinned to the MP's Twitter account for the next fortnight. This brings to an end the legal proceedings which had been undertaken.

Mr Cameron said: "I am pleased to accept this apology from Ms McGarry and draw a line under this unfortunate incident. The payment Ms McGarry has agreed to make will go to three excellent charities which I have been involved with and I am delighted that some good will now come of this.

"Politics in Scotland invokes passion and strong opinion on all sides, particularly on social media. I hope this serves as a reminder to us all that we need decency and respect in our debate, whether we agree with people or not.

"I look forward to continue making the positive case for Scotland in the UK."
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