Tom Holland and Dan Snow: British identity remains what it has always been: a journey, not an end

Two TV historians have called on Scots to stay part of the UK and help ‘renew and revitalise the union’.

In response to the latest threats of another referendum on Scottish independence, Tom Holland and Dan Snow have written in support of Scotland in Union.

They said they would feel ‘bereft’ if Scotland was to leave the UK and highlighted its ‘proven capacity to evolve’ as evidence of its bright future.dan_snow_tom_holland.JPG

By Tom Holland and Dan Snow 

“It may at first sight seem odd to have two Englishmen write this.  Not too odd, though, we hope.  Support for the aims of Scotland in Union is not confined to Scotland.  Far from it.  All of us across the United Kingdom who value the bonds which join its constituent nations have a stake in your success.  In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, a huge majority would feel bereft if the Scots were no longer to rank as our fellow citizens.  Scotland in Union is for us too.

British identity remains what it has always been: a journey, not an end.  If it is by virtue of our shared political and moral culture that we most truly share a common country, then that culture is hardly something static.  When Nationalists both north and south of the border claim that they embody the future, they ignore the proven capacity of the Union to evolve.  Right and left in Britain: both derive their principles from all the various corners of the United Kingdom.  They bear the imprint of Walter Scott and Benjamin Disraeli; of Robert Owen and Keir Hardie.  The campaign to renew and revitalise the Union is not the prerogative of any one political party.  It is a campaign in which all of us, no matter whom we may vote for in elections, or where we live, are entitled to play our part.

The spirit embodied by Scotland in Union is one that we are confident can revitalise the whole of the United Kingdom.  It reminds us of what we have in common, not what separates us; of what can be accomplished in the future, as well as everything that together we have achieved in the past. 

We thank you for what you are doing from the depths of our hearts, and wish you the very best.”

Alastair Cameron, Director of Scotland in Union, said: “Anyone looking for a positive case for Scotland in the UK should listen to or read the powerful and inspiring words from people like Tom Holland and Dan Snow.

“Both Tom and Dan have a deep knowledge and understanding of our country’s history and they predict with confidence the bright future we can have if we continue to work together.

“We are delighted to have the support of two such knowledgeable and popular personalities whose TV programmes and books are enjoyed by people all over Scotland, the rest of the UK and the world.” 

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