Your donations matter

The SNP is doing everything in its power to gain support for a second independence referendum that Scotland does not want or need.


As a campaign we rely on donations to keep us going. We are up against a well-resourced machine in the SNP. In comparison, we are a very small campaign that punches

above our weight.

If every supporter gave just £3 per month,

we would be able to expand on what we are doing and grow our reach and footprint on the ground across Scotland and ensure that people are fully informed as to why Scotland is stronger in the UK.


Can you chip in?

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WHAT your support can ACHIEVE

Monthly Donations






This will help deliver over 500 campaign leaflets to potential supporters in target areas

This will help to promote our grassroots events digitally and increase engagement

This will help keep a regional team equipped with  merchandise for a whole year

This will help us to support a student society at one university for a

whole year.

This will help us to keep one of our regional teams active with leaflets for the entire year