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Card donations are temporarily unavailable. We have contacted our payment processor to resolve this as soon as possible. Please donate via bank transfer, or using a PayPal account.

The SNP are failing in government with every household affected by the cost of living crisis, 1 in 7 on an NHS waiting list, and local services at breaking point.  


It is time for the people’s priorities, not the SNP’s.

Our campaign is solely funded by donations from supporters like you. The SNP is still a well-resourced machine, in comparison we are a very small campaign that punches above our weight.


One-off donations are a boost to our campaign, and monthly donations allow us to plan ahead.


Have a look at our latest 'prospectus' here.

WHAT your support can ACHIEVE

Monthly Donations

£25 per month

would help towards hosting fees for our website. 

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£50 per month

would pay for 20,000 leaflets over a year. 

SIU leaflet icon.png

£100 per month

would pay for us to reach around 10,000 people with a targeted online advert each month. 

SIU digital icon.png

One off Donations


SIU stall icon.png

would pay for a fully equipped street stall. 


would pay for targeted online ads to reach every online user across two marginal constituencies on Facebook.

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would pay for a private poll, including asking whether people want to remain in the UK.

SIU poll icon.png
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