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Stronger in the UK

A positive campaign to keep

Scotland in the UK

Scotland in Union is a non-party, not-for-profit campaign which makes the positive case for Scotland remaining in the UK.

We are totally opposed to another divisive and unnecessary referendum.

Scotland in Union was formed in early 2015 and we have grown to become the largest pro-UK voice in Scotland, standing firm against the SNP’s repeated attempts to divide our country.

We stand for the majority of people in Scotland who know that we are stronger together, with a shared culture and history we can build our future on.


We have two guiding aims:

To promote the positive vision for Scotland’s place in the UK and fight tooth and nail against attempts to force a second independence referendum on Scotland.


To be battle-ready should the day ever come when we have to make our case to the Scottish people again.

Our partnership of nations is precious, the source of three centuries of peace and prosperity. We must not allow it to be carelessly destroyed based on empty assertions and baseless myths.


Our small team in Glasgow and volunteers across the country are working hard to keep Scotland in the UK.

We rely on your donations to keep us going, we cannot do this without you.

Scotland in Union is a Company Limited By Guarantee

registered in Scotland, company number SC492324'

stronger in the UK
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