Shining a light on the facts

Scotland in Union needs your help

Welcome to Nat Fact Check, where Scotland in Union will be examining claims made by nationalist politicians to see how they weigh up.


We need your help.  You are our eyes and ears throughout Scotland, and we need you to get in touch whenever you see or hear a nationalist politician making a questionable claim. 


This could be in a leaflet, at a political meeting,

in a local newspaper, or broadcast on radio or television.

If you would like us to look into a claim, please contact Nat Fact Check at:,

including the following information in your email:

·      Your name and address

·      The politician making the claim

·      The quote from the politician making the claim

·      When and where this claim was made

·      Any related evidence (for example a
       photograph of the leaflet or article)

We may need to contact you for more information on your submission.  We will look into as many claims as possible, and you will find our responses here.  Check out our latest Nat Fact Check below!

Does Scotland "pay out" more than it gets back?

Find out here

Did Jo Swinson MP

use "false figures" when referring to the number

of Govan school leavers attending university?

Find out here

Would a separate Scotland have to adopt the euro if it joined the European Union?

Find out here

Are newspapers hiding the truth about North Sea oil from Scots readers?

Find out here

Is Gatwick Airport

linked to the rail network

by a shuttle?

Find out here

Does the Scottish Government lack the powers to top up

Pension Credit?

Find out here

Is Scotland’s economy forecast to grow faster than the UK?

Find out here

Would the EU treat an independent Scotland like East Germany?

Find out here

Has a ‘secret oil field’ been discovered?

Find out here

Has NHS spending increased

year on year?

The First Minister claims it has!

Find out here

Is a Scottish council spending £20,000 to fly the Union flag

all year round?

Marion Fellows MP has made this accusation against North Lanarkshire Council,

but is she right?

Find out here

Is there majority support for independence ?

Angus Brendan MacNeil MP: “Friends, we are in a great moment in Scottish history. Support for independence is over 50 per cent.”

Find out here

Is the Scottish Government leading the world on climate change? 

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon: "...we are – by any reasonable benchmark – a global leader in living up to our international obligations."

Find out here

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