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Burns Supper 2019

Last night we held our annual Burns Supper in Glasgow's 29 Royal Exchange Square.

We had wonderful speeches from Ian Murray MP, who delivered the immortal memory. Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP, who gave the Toast to the Lassies, and Cllr Meghan Gallagher who did the Reply from the Lassies.

We also had an amazing performance of Tam O'Shanter from Nigel Griffiths.

We will leave you with this piece of work (Mither o' the Nation) from Alex Cole- Hamilton MSP, who wrote this specially for our Burns Supper last night.

Happy Burns Day from everyone at Scotland in Union!

The Mither o’ the Nation, by Alex Cole-Hamilton

Come offer fealty tae Queen Nic The Mither of the Nation She’ll keep them marching tae the prize In hot anticipation

She’ll march them up to hill tae see And then she’ll march them down Prof Curtice he was on TV Wi Polls tae mak her frown

Don’t criticise the give-aways On which her reign depends A half-finished bridge wi long delays And a box for all the new bairns

She governs us by retail And negligent omission But don’t ask for ony detail Of her revealing growth commission

Her schools are slippin doon the ranks Her train are fu’ to busting Her separatism scares the banks Her back bench is learning Russian

Just wan more heave she tells her troops We’ll see the promised land But her party is forming groups Beyond the reach of her command

A civil war has opened wide And split apart the ranks MacAskill, Marwick on wan side Queen Nic’s in need of tanks

We ony luck it’ll end in tears With indy shown the door And a Union that’s stood 300 years Will stand 300 more.


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